Telekinesis power secrets



The production or control of motion, especially in inanimate and remote objects, purportedly by the exercise of psychic power is called telekinesis or psychokinesis. Telekinesis or psychokinesis is the ability to generate movement, shockwaves, vibration, deformation or force to move objects by using spiritual power without touching the objects from a long distance. This explosive force could be used to repel, damage or destroy any objects. A telekies can create a barrier or field for defense by using this power. The man who is able to perform telekinesis is called telekinetics or telekies. People think that it’s a supernatural power.

The word telekinesis came from the Greek language. ‘Tele’ means mind ‘kinesis’ means ‘motion’.In short, it is called TK(telekinesis) or PK(Psychokinesis). The conception of telekinesis has been described as “remote influencing”, “distance influencing”, “remote mental influences”, “anomalous perturbation” and so on.

History of Telekinesis

It was a phenomenon of the late 19th century. That was started by Russian researcher Alexander N.Aksakov.The word telekinesis was first used in 1890.

In the middle of the 20th century, a naval doctor named Tanagras researched psychology. He made a group and researched with experimental protocol. He established the ‘Hellenic society for phycho-physiology’.He published a magazine named ‘psychical Ereunae(psychical Researches)’. He did many telepathy experiments. He visited all over Greece to talk with people and listened to paranormal events and stories for his research. And he published his researches in journals and wrote some books. His books were translated into many languages. But no statistical information remains of his experiments. Tanagra’s believed that hypnosis intensified psychic abilities.
Still, now people are interested in and doing research about it.

Is Telekinesis possible?

There are some common questions about telekinesis as it is an amazing fact. So we can think about some questions, how to do awaken telekinesis or can a human have telekinesis or does telekinesis really work or is it possible to move things with your mind?
Some researchers think it might be caused subconsciously by stress, emotional turmoil, or even hormonal peaks.

Scientific views

Though many people believe TK there is no scientific evidence. As it is not proved scientifically and so no one is agreed to invest money for experiments. Martin Gardner and Thomas Gilovich claimed that if this ability exists then it will violate some basic law of physics.

Coauthor Fotini said to his research paper named ‘Biological utilization of Quantum Nonlocality’ that giving prove may be possible from quantum physics. It is possible to explain telekinesis from the behavior of the particle. An engineer named Haakon Forward claimed that for man’s mental interaction there start an action between neutron and proton of atomic level and make gravitational field from which the term telekinesis would be possible to explain. It also possible to explain the hypothesis is wrong by general reactivity. Still, now some Academy claim that they got prove of micro-level telekinesis from some classified experimental.
As many experiments were held and those were not published publicly.

Pamela Rae Heath tried to give some scientific explanation about telekinesis on his book named “Mind Matter Internation”. In 2006 a meta-analysis runs to 360 students to take experiments of telekinesis. But the result of the experiment was not so positive. Very modicum ability of telekinesis was found and according to some people that’s ‘ publication bias’.

Religious, Mythological & Popular culture views

Many stories are found in various religious history is about telekinesis. In Islam, many prophets had the power of telekinesis and that was god gifted. That is called ‘Mozezaa’.
According to the Christian religion, Jesus could transmit water into wine, healing the sick and multiplying food.
According to the Hindu religion, many of there god and goddesses had telekinesis power and they used it to do something else. Those are described as an example of psychokinesis.

In some mythical stories, the power of the mind was used by most of the mythical character. Witches, wizards, prophet Merlin and the legend king of Arthur had the power.
Telekinesis is used as a superpower in movies, television, computer games, literature, and other forms of popular culture.
Some films name ‘Carry’,’Resurrection’,’Chronicle’,’Looper’,’Red Lights’ are based on telekinesis. A movie named ‘Avatar’ is s movie where telekinesis was shown. There was various bender who can control mud, water, and fire. There was shown a vast ability of man. But the scientists said that man’s power is not as much as the movie’s story. The movies are made for getting a concentration of people but the reality is not like that.

Developing Telekinesis skill

There are some example exists if we think deeply. Our very familiar game is Ludu. Sometimes we see some people who put ‘6’ at a maximum time when they play “Ludu” ( the game ). Generally, we don’t think about the reason. But there may be some reason existing.
Scientists believe there is some power that works to the pawn which can control the movement of the pawn. When we play Ludu then we wish if the pawn shows us our expected number. Someone’s mental power is more strong and the power strongly works to the pawn. But the power is not the same as all people. And so we can see the power of some specific people. Other people’s ability is not so strong and so we cant defined.

It also was seen at some casinos. Some people have as much power that the won in every move when they play casinos. For that reason, they can’t get any chance of playing or people don’t want to play with them.

According to history, some people are figured out and they claimed that they had the telekinesis ability.
A party named ‘PK’ practice telekinesis.
You can be telekinetic and develop his telekinesis skill by practicing telekinesis in the right way. Its a matter of regular practicing. There is a possibility of being experienced after trained from some organization. Some books also are written about telekinesis training and you can get a clear conception of practicing telekinesis from those. You also take online lessons. You also can search on youtube or any other site writing ‘How to practice telekinesis’.Some people get this skill genetically. People think they got that power automatically and it also is known as a supernatural power.

Its a matter of regular practicing. You have to use mind power. And so you have to get the ability to control your mind. You can follow some steps. The first step is making your mind vacant. You can do meditation. You have to practice it with a free mind. Then you could give full concentration to anything. In the beginning, you can focus on a small object like a pen, spoon, or anything like that. You have to try to make a movement of that. At that time you have to be cool and don’t be angry. We know practice makes a man perfect. So you have to practice more and more.

There are some organizations that offer a huge amount of prize money if anyone can prove telekinesis ability. There is a possibility of getting a huge amount of money from you also. It is possible to make a change in this world by yourself.