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On 05 May 2017 Daily Mail 24 news journalist came to talk to him

Hrazu: Magic is an art that can connect with people

  • How Did u get into magician? Who Inspired You?

In Addition, actually, from childhood, I was a painter and get awarded several times for my paintings. But I always search for the art form that can really connect with people, and guess what? it’s magic. In other words, only magic gives you the vast opportunity to connect with people. If explain somebody can understand the abstract painting, somebody can’t.In other words, Somebodies are interested in classical music, somebody likes different types of a song as the tagor song, Nazrul geeti, kawali etc. But If anyone sees & making self-levitation at that time every type of person is interested in how I am doing it. Really, This matter inspired me and after watching David Blaine’s TV show at an early age and really got inspired. However, when I first saw his show on AXN and totally astonished. And thought how did he make the coin disappear, how did he exchange the cards and the best part of extreme endurance art. That time thought one day to be a magician.

  • Describe magician life, share your experiment in our news?

Firstly, You have to very much be dedicated to your magician life. , Secondly, you have to work hard. Most importantly, being a magician my life is not too simple. Though I like to maintain my life as a simple person. People think a magician is an extraordinary person who can do anything. However, sometimes feel mischievous but can’t express that. One day my mom was sick and it was a very sad day for me. After coming out from my home people requested me again and again for showing magic. I couldn’t tell I am not in a normal situation. At last, I showed them magic.
Firstly, I love them a lot. For them today this is Hrazu. Really respect them………… Read more

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In addition to the many millions who have seen him on television, HRAZU has appeared in ‘Chokher Poloke‘, ‘First Date‘, ‘Ek Dish Dui Cook‘, ‘Limited Edition‘ & Quiz show of NTV. His mentalism is a personal favorite of highly political people and businessmen too.

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