The most imaging part of his entire life that HRAZU made a live show event at the age of 9. His stage show is always different from others but “why”? Efficient to interact with the audience, funny in performance and most attractive part is to make instant stunt in the stage. Also, message to the people regarding social awareness. Really, it is an unforgettable interactive experience that shocked and amused the audience. An experiment in and of itself, the tour evolved as it moved across the country. He continued to push the limits and attempted new feast for the first time performing in front of an audience.

Real performers not only for entertainment. But also forward some message everyone builds a healthy and beautiful life, avoid violence, get along with people, build a beautiful world.

The most popular Hrazu stunts are Any audience member levitates on the flying carpet cutting comedy, Head is decapitated with a Giant Disecto, A huge flower garden on the floor of the full stage, The Man with X-Ray Eyes, The laughter of Spring after shedding leaves in the Winter, A volunteer comes onto the stage, Magic of Art,  The Full Moon in a Stormy Night, Chinese Linking Rings, Cut and Restore Rope Trick, Dove Pan, Impalement and much more. 

On the other hand, Close-ups are Chink-a-chink, Cups and Balls, Detachable Thumb, Floating Match on Card, Hot Foil Trick, The Best Coin Fold, Three Card Monte etc.

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