Art work

“The Art is a poem without words” and “Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do” Painting and drawing come from the mind. But Art includes many other things, it can be painting, drama, festivals, literature and music. It comes from imagination & skill. Hrazu is not only an Illusionist but also a good artist. In Bangladesh, there are many famous painters like Zainul Abedin, SM Sultam, Kamrul Hasan.

  • Zainul Abedin was Born on December 29, 1914, Kendua, India. He is a famous painter in Bangladesh. His famous painting is “Sangram” in 1976. In 1943 he get international popularity for his paint. He died on May 28, 1976 in Dhaka.
  • SM Sultan is also another painter in our country. His full name Sheikh Mohammed Sultan. He was born in Narail on August 10, 1923. His most popular paints are Chardakhal, The Agrarian Bengali Musalman, Gypsy Family, Massacre, Farmer etc. He died on October 10, 1994 in Jessore District.
  • Kamrul Hasan, he was born on December 2, 1921, Kolkata, India. He finished is the study from Government College of Art & Craft. He died on  February 2, 1988 in Dhaka.

At the same time, the famous contributions are Shafiuddin Ahmed, Anwarul Haque.

In the present time Murtaza Baseer, Debdas Chakraborty and Abdur Razzak these artists are famous for their paint not only in BD, but also international level.

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