About Hrazu

About Hrazu Magician

Hrazu is a Bangladeshi magician, illusionist, mentalist, and an endurance artist, his full name Sajedur Rahman Razeeb known as Hrazu. However, he was born in Faridpur district, Dhaka division. In addition, he can also draw a good picture, play flute and acting.

  • Born and Educational life

He was born on 5th September 1994 in a Muslim family in Faridpur district, Dhaka. His father’s name is Abul Kalam Azad, is a Businessman and mother name Shahanaj Kalam. He has one brother and sister. He is the middle of the sibling.

In his early life, he studied at a Christian Missionary School named Baptist Church Mission. He was a too much-talented student at Faridpur Zilla School. Being an extra-ordinary boy. He completed his graduation in microbiology from Stamford University. He finished an MBA at the Same University.

  • Career

One day Hrazu was childhood, he went to the fair with his mom. He saw some people gathered on one side of the fair. He told his mom to take him there, he saw a magician who performed stunts in a stall and also taught the tricks by selling his witchcraft products.  After that, he was shocked to seeing the magician stunts. It was the first magic show in his life.

From his childhood, he was greatly inspired by David Blaine. After watching David Blaine`s TV show at the AXN channel, he decided to prepare himself as an illusionist.

From his early life, he was too introverted. He hadn’t many friends. One day when his childhood friend said, I want to be Captain Planet or Popeye. He said I want to make myself like David Blaine. Actually, Blaine’s extreme stunt influenced him a lot.

  • Stunts

He knows different kinds of witchcraft. His most important famous Illusions are Any audience member levitates on the flying carpet, Cutting comedy, A volunteer comes onto the stage, His head is decapitated with a giant disecto, The full moon in a stormy night, The man with x-ray eyes, Magic of art, The laughter of spring after shedding leaves in the winter, A huge flower garden on the floor of the full stage from nowhere and much more stunts.

Moreover, he knows different kinds of illusion. Close-up, stage and street magic.

  • Shows & rewards

In addition, he has participated in many TV programs and lives shows, “Think in magic” is the best TV program in SA TV. Moreover, he received many national awards, “Jadhukor”, is one of them, EP-26  on myTV Bangladesh on Dec 28, 2018.

In other words, the number of clients with whom he has performed for so far including numerous celebrities as well as national & international companies. Often he performs close-up in a private setting such as Birthday shows with some bigger.

  • Personal life

Actually, Hrazu is a character with various interests: this wizard is a very ordinary person and a simple guy. In addition, the magic he can play the flute, painting as well as acting in plays and doing stand-up comedy, which all affect his personal style of performing magic. Mysteriously, he is a God gifted portrait specialist.

  • Social work

In conclusion, he is involved in different social activities like standing to helpless people, street child distribute food and much more social work. He has also a nonprofit Charity organization. Above all, as a man, his sense of humanity is much better.