1. Early Life

Hrazu is a Bangladeshi magician ,an illusionist and an endurance artist. Hrazu was born in Faridpur, Dhaka.He is the son of Abul kalam Azad, a transport Business man and Shahanaj Kalam, a house wife.He has one sister and one brother. He is the middle of the sibling.

2. Early Career

When Hrazu was six years old, he went to Shisu Mela with his mom. He saw a magician who performed magic in a magic stall and also taught the tricks by selling his magic products. Hrazu observed that there was a match stick floating on the card. After watching that he was totally astonished and wanted to learn that. Though his mom rejected his proposal to learn the magic trick, after his earnest desire(crying), she agreed and that was the first magic lesson in his life.

In his early life, he studied at a chirstchian Missionary School named Baptist Church Mission.He was too much talented student of Faridpur Zilla School.Being an extra-ordinary boy, Hrazu completed his graduation in microbiology from Stamford University.

From his childhood, he was greatly inspired by David Blaine. After watching David Blaine`s TV show at AXN channel, he decided to prepare himself as a magician.

From his babyhood, Hrazu was too much introvert.He hadn't much friends.One day when his childhood friend said, I want to be Captain Planet or Popeye. Hrazu said,``I want to make my self David Blaine. `Actually,Blaines extreme stunt influenced him a lot.


Illusionist & Endurance artist


Other Projects

In the years 2015 /2016 ,Hrazu was busy with the prominent directors .During this time, he started modeling and acting, which he continues till date.

Personal Life

Hrazu is a character with various interests : He experiments playing the bansuri, painting as well as acting in plays and doing stand-up comedy, which all affects his personal style of performing magic. Mysteriously, he is a God gifted portrait specialist.